Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time For Change

I hate change, it just never seems to be for the better but as 2009 approaches I feel I need to reevaluate my life and make some serious changes! I don't love the idea but nevertheless it needs to be done. I am going to try and put a lot of thought into my resolutions this year but I have already decided a couple of things and think I had better share. First, I need to move. I have really liked my apartment and my ward but it is time, I have had mostly really good roommates in this apartment but it only takes one for me to take drastic measures (moving my large amount of belongings to a new home). I have made some wonderful friends in my ward but this semester just hasn't quite felt right and I don't know why really. I am looking for something a little more homey, so not an apartment, hopefully a home ;) Second, I have been lazy long enough I am need to be working on going back to school. Yesterday I signed up for an independent study course through Weber for a ridiculously large amount of money. RIDICULOUSLY LARGE! but if it gets me where I need to be I guess it will be worth it, right? Third, ... Fourth, ... Fifth, ... Sixth, ... Seventh, ... Eighth, ... Ninth, ... Tenth, ... and so and so forth TBD!!! One of those resolutions will include being a better blogger!!!!!