Monday, March 30, 2009

Music and Beatles LOVE Show!!

I have added some new music to the player! I hope you enjoy.

So I have been trying to decide what to blog about for a while now. Since I hadn't posted anything for a long time I felt like when I did come back it needed to be something awesome. Then I realized I hadn't said anything on here about the Cirque du Soleil Beatles Love show I went to in February, which is really sad because I LOVED it!!!

I went to Vegas to watch Cassie's tennis tournament and decided that while I was in Vegas I needed to see a show. I love the Beatles and I had watched a few documentaries on this show and have been wanting to see it. Luckily Cassie also wanted to see it so I didn't have to go alone ;)

The performance is in the Love Theatre in the Mirage and they have made everything look amazing. Everyone is dressed up in British/Beatles outfits and the lobby and gift shop look awesome. Here are a few pictures of Cassie and I before we went into the show.

We then went and settled into our wonderful seats. With this Theatre the stage is in the center and the audience is then all the way around the stage. This made it so that you see everything and every seat in the house is a good seat just a different perspective. I look forward to watching it from a different perspective.

When we were waiting for the show to start I was a little disappointed because the stage looked so small and I had some pretty large expectations for the show and didn't think that it was going to live up to them. Boy was I wrong!! I think the stage itself was one of the best aspects of the performance. With each number the stage completely changed and some would rise up and make it larger and multilevel or some would go down (I can only assume that it has to go really far down because people are jumping down into it and you can't see where they go) I really wish I could have taken some pictures but I know they wouldn't have done it justice and I my camera would have been confiscated.

All of the performers were amazing and they had small children up to what appeared to be pretty old performers. There were screens all along the wall above the audience and this would have some video playing. There were also some fabric separators between the sections of the stage and these would be lowered or dropped so that video could also be played on them. The acrobatics were awesome. All of the costumes were all really amazing and they went all out with some of them. They did a really good job of making each peace of music come alive. Each seat also has individual speakers so the music itself was wonderful but also it was nice that each person was hearing the same thing.

I don't want to give it all away so I would recommend that if you are looking for a good show in Vegas this is good or all ages. I look forward to going as many times as I can! Here are a few more pictures from the evening.

Cassie really wanted this shirt until she saw the price and then I think she wanted it even more!