Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012's Resolute Resolutions

“In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.”

During my studies we often discussed the many elements of “wellness” and so when it comes time to evaluate my life and set goals for the upcoming year I like to look at the different elements and set goals in each area. Here are my 2012 goals, some of these may be a bit lofty but why not challenge myself?

- Not allow the things I want to diminish the many wonderful things I have!

- I will push myself to do one social activity a month and to do something new (skill, activity, adventure, trip, place, food, etc.) every month (some of you may laugh at this but this is one of the lofty ones I was referring to)

- Lose 25lbs by April (reevaluate and set a new physical goal for July, October, and end of the year)

- Strive to keep my living space at a constant higher level of cleanliness (could I be more ambiguous?)

- Be to work 4 days a week before 9am (this is a big one for me!)

- Read at least one book that is nonfiction and enlightening

- Become 100% debt free and stay that way for 3 months before making any large purchases

- I will pick one item from the following list to work on for a month that will help me grow spiritually
1. Put more thought into my personal prayers
2. Improve my attitude towards many of my ward members
3. Find someone outside of my home to serve
4. Focus on visiting teaching
5. Fast with a purpose and for inspiration
6. Go to the temple
7. Pick a topic and research it thoroughly using different church resources
8. Complete 30 indexing things
9. Be to church at least 5 minutes before the meeting starts
10. Talk to 1 person each Sunday that I don’t know
11. Read my Patriarchal Blessing once a week
12. Read “Jesus the Christ” by James E Talmage


Jenna and Daniel said...

Those are great goals! If you want come and work out with me and Marie at Planet Fitness! We are signing up tonight! That might help your physical goal!

Hilary Jan said...

I might join you as a guest sometime but where it is in Orem I am afraid the distance would be another excuse for me not to go ;)

Lauren Jayne said...

I love your goal to try one new thing a month. For me it is really easy to psych myself out and become completely overwhelmed by new things (like going to a class at the gym) but doing it, always feels good and makes it easier to try something new the next time! Good luck on your goals. The blog is looking really cute by the way!

Rolene and David said...

I know that I'll do some of these with you when I get back! Glad you are back in the "blogging" world! Miss you!!

Marshall Family said...

Love all of these goals!! I would love to help you achieve any of them. Love you!!