Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl/Fun./OK GO

The 2012 Super Bowl was pretty fun this year. Maybe after 28 years of immersion, football is finally growing on me (Stockholm Syndrome?) or maybe it is just that good company, great food, and interesting commercials made for a fun evening.

I don't' think the game could have ended better. I was torn because I wanted to root for the Giants but also went to high school with Danny Woodhead who plays for the Patriots. Luckily both teams wear basically the same colors so I felt like I was supporting both. Danny is smaller than me in every way except muscle mass so he definitely has a Rudy Ruuettiger quality about him. The Giants ended up winning with an intense last couple of minutes and Danny scored a touchdown. WIN, WIN! The only better outcome would have been a tie.
While I enjoyed the game, and Cassie was mostly patient with my many questions, I probably paid more attention to the commercials. My favorite this year was the Chevy Sonic commercial, although the H&M commercial wasn't so bad either ;) Fun concept, great song, and I googled it the next day. I would say that that is a successful commercial.

A few weeks ago I heard "We are Young" by Fun. and have listened to it a lot since so I was happy that it made its appearance

The commercial highlights the band OK GO's new music video but here is the official one.

I think this is such a creative idea, true of all OK GO music videos. They must have an engineer on their staff that plans all of these video concepts because I can't imagine trying to time everything just right.

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Lauren Jayne said...

We should watch the super bowl together, i'm totally more interested in the commercials/half time show! Also, love FUN! They are coming to omaha in April!